Transfer Of Clothes

Original scarf is a millitari scal. How do we need a big T-shirt cut with the sleeves on the top or a cut of 160 cm and 90 cm wide. Cut off his slob in 20 cm long, and you'll turn the big ones when you finish decorating it, sew it up and close the lines.

If you use a T-shirt, you can use your sleeves.

On the longitudinal side of the large cut, make cuts of different length and width. Of these, six colics will go, their ends will be sewn. A few stripes can be left intact. I want you to put your hat on the ring and close your stitches to another salad.

That's a "get" seat belt:

A bicycle cell of 150 cm in length shall be fitted with a buckle. For this, a 5-cm cell cut through the buckle and lock the cage and the blade. On the size of the waist, put on the belt of the stains, you can paint the caps.

A few more ideas from the same source: Hend Meade The forward of gloves in five variants and the decor of the galaxy hat:

You're going to need a nice calcium, a "memorial" from warm countries (single samples), a glue gun, a piece of tissue, a transparent nail lac and, in fact, a hat.

The calculus is purely mine, we're shouting, and we're covering the lacquer - to get lost like wet:

We're putting a thick layer of tissue cut, trying to blend it backwards.

We're gluing peanuts on the flat side. Ready.

And now... The idea of transfusion of gloves:

"Panc-Rocker gloves" is how you do two parallel holes from the end of each finger to the wrist. Pull the chains through the diagonal openings, and the ends will be sealed.

How to make brown gloves in CHANEL: Zig-sag legs short the wrists. Go through the edges of the hole. Out of the leathers, tie bunks and sew gloves on the outside. Make two stripes of leather size 1, 5 x 7 cm and cut them at the edges by 1 cm. Put the polos in the tubes and stitch to the ends of the cantons.

How to steal mug gloves: Cut the circumstantial contour, stitch on the back, steal the basser and the rations. Then sew the Circumstantial motives on your wrists and remove the skin on the gloves in major lights.

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