Transformer's Clothing With His Hands

Transformer's dress with his hands

In today's article, we'll look at a charming dress that can transform his master in minutes is a dress transformer. It's unique that you can easily change it by transforming into a new, unusual model no one else has, and that's more appropriate for your mood today.

There are no age-limits for the dress of the transformer, and it fits everyone for what the world has earned.

For the dressing of a transformer, it's gonna take a good draping, light tricotage, like "mass" or a thin liquor that doesn't require a cut.

Tricottage should ideally be double-track, i.e. having the same colour of face and tag. If the tissue is not bilateral, the number of dress draping options is decreasing and it's necessary to be more careful not to look at the tags.

The current may be one-ton or one-sided. For example, different colours and branches, chaotic dispersed graphics, colour divorces, etc.

It's preferable to keep the tricotage off. Just check it out, eat the tissue in the fist for a few seconds. If the tissue's locked up, we're not good. If we're almost flat, we'll take it.

The transformer consists of:

  • skirts that can be implemented on the basis of sun or half sun;
  • Belt;
  • Two braces.

Blossing of the dress of the transformer

For a dress with a half sun on the length of the skirt to the knee (60 cm) it will take 2 m of tissue with a width of not less than 150 cm. For a long dress (0, 9-1 m) with a half sun skirt and sunshine, it'll take four, five m. With a long skirt, the half sun comes up with a large amount of tissue (see diagrams below).

Two measures are necessary for the dressing of the transformer:

Talia is removed horizontally at the very narrowest point of the figure. The santimeter ribbon explains the figure tightly, but no length.

Length of dress - removed from the rope tied to the waist to the desired length of the dress.

In order to start the stitch, it is necessary to build a skirt of dress. For skirts based "semi sunshine." Look here on the basis Sun. - here.

Open the fabric for the dress of the transformer.

2. Cut the edge of the tissue.

3. Let's start decorating the skirt of a transformer's dress.

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