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Ukrainian creates beautiful 3d decorations from the biser (photo)

The Ukrainian creates beautiful 3D decorations from the bisera (photo) Volkov Elena Harkovchanka invented his own technique, entering into the collar of meteorites and molluscs.

Harkovska invented his own technician, entering the collar of meteorites and molluscs.

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The Professor of Philosophy of the University of NUVD, Maria Scherbina, brought a bronze from an international biserpentry competition that took place the other day in the capital. The transformer of "Love Build" from silver, tops, sapphires, and even prehistoric rocked mollusc has so much been struck by the jury that the work of the carrots will soon be presented at the Bead Dreams World Championship in Milouki (USA).

"In a biserpent, I'm an adult, I tell Maria Scherbin. - Eighteen years ago, when she was in seventh grade, she was so impressed by the Ale sails novel, she first painted a notebook from before, and then she spited out. bisera bracelet with romantic alpha sails. But the problem was that the basser was inaccurate, and in the first rain, my hand became bright red and the sail was transparent. Then I learned my first professional lesson, and since then, I've been using only Japanese material."

Having read dozens of booklets, the skiller developed his own technician, voluminous friform: in asymmetrical 3-D decorations consisting of several layers, it is possible to catch up with literature, paintings and everything that inspires the author. So, by reading Stendal's Red and Steel's novel, a girl created a gentle bracelet from a ferry barrel, a grenade, a straw and a biser, and looking at El Salvador's paintings, a man's eyebrow used instead of a tie knot. Of course, it's impossible to do such masterpieces in the day: only Maria's collection takes weeks. "For the most time, for about two months, I've been working on the Wilful Creator, which consists of a Japanese biser of 148 shades, natural skin, tops and many other stones. This decoration can be carried in five different ways: in everyday life, it can be converted into a miniature calon and, for a special occasion, into a huge show class ring. This is the first time I've grown old, with an alternative method to avoid damage to the surface: I made some eggs and placed them in a literary bank, which has been put on a little fountain. And every four hours, the eggs changed to fresh, making silver and black, explains Maria Scherbin.

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