Beaser Version Of The Scheme For Starters

Biser commitment

When you write your post with a request for help... you know that this kind of help is requested on the group's pages quite often. Therefore, there is no particularly active supporters) Everyone's a little tired.

So I'll tell you a few secrets from this group, but don't give anyone else a choir)
1. There's a set of "bands" in the group where you can find references to programmes and crafts and ideas. ♪ ♪
2. Photoalbomas: thematic, inspirational, showing hooks and knitting threads, etc.
3. Video... It's just... More than 65 biser craftsmen. Learn - I don't want to)
4. The topics of discussion. For newcomers, topics will also be interesting with master classes of individual products and knitting techniques. ♪ ♪

Don't lazy, read it. And you'll be surprised how many answers are in the band.
And if you think about the knitting we haven't discussed here, we're asking for mercy! Scream louder!

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