Biserpillating Schemes For Starters


бисероплетение для самых самых начинающихBiserpent classes for children and for the most-time starters: the technician of a singer. The simplest and lightest bisera deals, flat schemes for starters: like a butterflies. A detailed class master (instruction) with pashing photos.

Birger butters with their hands, photos.

Бабочка из бисераI suggest that we start studying the biserole from the manufacture of one of the most beautiful (if we choose from the simplest, accessible to starters) bisera deals from butter.

First, I'll show you pictures of our daughter (in seven years) butterflies, so it's clear what's supposed to happen as a result of a master class from this article.

These are our first butterflies on this scheme, orange is mine, red is daughter.

Simple butter butter, IC for start-up photos.

Before we begin the description of the biser butter, I recommend that the first article of the Biserpillating Lessons for Starters be consulted on the necessary materials, the organization of the workplace and the types of biser. It's very important to understand what kind of basser is best to take for a deal, so he doesn't turn up over time, as well as the story of "Biserwatch for starters two. The singer's technician, because the IC's going to be doing it in this technique.

Birger butter flying

For this transaction, it will be necessary:

  • 30 cm wire length,
  • Dark eye bissed (2 s)
  • A basser of one color for a single-coloured butter, or a basser of several colors for a colorful one.

For an orange butterflies, I used:

  • a transparent brown bass for a man,
  • An opaque orange basser for wings,
  • A biser that resembles hematite for the eye.
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