Simple Diagrams Of Bracelets From Biser

Простые браслеты из бисера, фото 2Maybe every girl likes jewelry. And everyone has a chance to pick up a whole collection of bracelets and booths, because that's all you can do with your hands! Today, I will teach you how to master simple but beautiful bisera bracelets.

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So if you were looking for lessons. bat for starterscollect all the necessary materials and make it easier: I'll show you two bracelets that are easy and pleasant. And the point is, you can see the result.

Braslet Fenka as a slice

We'll take strong colors, basser, scissors and a little button. We'll put three cuts on the thread, put them on top of the knot, and we'll start splashing.

Then, in the course of the colic, we're starting to lower the basser on the side tits. It's easy to do it with a needle.

Простые браслеты из бисера, фото 3

Let's go tight, make sure the basser's safe and symmetrical. If we need to, we'll get our hands fixed.

Let's finish the bracelet by a few centimetres of a normal colic without a biser.

We're closing the knot, connecting the ends of the button bracelet. Ready!

Biser bracelet: Crossing

Well, now that you're convinced that making a biser jewel is not so hard, we're gonna learn how to play. There she is.

Простые браслеты из бисера, фото 4We take a long thread, both ends must be with needles. Give us four bisserieties. Now look at the pattern, drawing attention to the shooter: the fourth bush should be down on both tits crossed between us. On the one hand, we'll call one bush, on the other, two, and we'll get both tits back through the last basserina.

That's what the choking process looks like:

On a very similar principle, a little different view can be made:

It might seem a little simple to you, but if you make a bracelet in that technique multi-coloured, it'll be much more original!

Бисероплетение браслетов для начинающих,  схемы - фото 3 Простые браслеты из бисера Простые браслеты из бисера, фото 1 Бисероплетение браслетов для начинающих, схемы - фото 1

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