Diagrams Of Bracelets

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Браслет кольчужный СолнышкоThis master class is devoted to the classic visual skirt and its use in the jewelry. This type of skirmish allows for multiple and multifunctional modules, of which, as a designer, unusual and different jewels can be collected.

Little trick: The use of non-standard flowers with purple, blue, green or any other coating, different from copper, gold, silver and Latin, gives more creativity! :

  • You'll need a job:
  • Clay Moment Gelle
  • Office clip
  • Браслет кольчужный СолнышкоStep 1 : Elaboration of the main element (You will need 7 pairs of small connectors)

    Let's start by wearing two bells on the clip:

    Let's open two rings.


    The rings shall be opened as follows: one part of the ring shall be fixed by means of a ring opening tool, and the other with the help of the flat lips shall be placed forward. Or, using two pairs of flat lips, one pair of them lock the ring on the left side of the spike, and the other couple hold the ring on the right side. And then there's a movement of flat lips from themselves.

    Браслет кольчужный СолнышкоWe'll put them on the rings hanging on the clip. We'll call the rings. You have to pay attention to the smoothness of the junction: the negligently intact bulbs can scratch the skin and cling to the clothes.

    Then we'll miss the second couple of rings, two more.

    Then move upwards and downwards, respectively, those bulbs that lie horizontally:

    The second pair of bells are on the way.

    They're divorced, too.

    We'll raise the middles of the third pair's ring through the slot. It's very convenient to make it a pin or a pine.

Браслет кольчужный Солнышко Браслет кольчужный Солнышко Браслет кольчужный Солнышко Браслет кольчужный Солнышко

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