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Makrame cough for flowers

макраме для цветовWith the flower pots in the suspension cough, it's not only beautiful and original to green the room, but to free the place on the window. And since the modern interior today is not without room plants, the cashpo will be an attractive and interesting package for them that makes the environment cozy, warm and truly home.

A variety of materials are used in coughing. It could be a ceramic and a tree and metal and a plastic and a salmon, and of course a buckle. Today, the popularity has conquered the flower macrames - with the green skirts of the cough can make a fabulous beauty.

The difference between cough and normal flower pots is the lack of drainage openings. That's why they don't plant in the cough. They are only used as a decorative element. However, in the beauty of the divisions, they can compete with any other object of the interior, and the suspension options are also practical, because they have a significant impact on space.

There's a place for a cough of fantasy. By making decorative flowers with your hands, life can be extended to a lot of favorite things. It is possible to make an element of the decor that will decorate the place or garden, an old kettle, various dishes, old furniture and a lot of other things. It's the best thing to do with your own hands, the flower cough is made of balcony flower boxes and plastic containers.

With unlimited creativity, flower cough can be made with your hands. and more sophisticated technology Make, although the simplest versions of this product will be able to force even the new ones.
In order to make a cough for flowers by hand, one of many existing ways can be used. It's hard to find visual instructions, supplemented by detailed photographs, by looking. paintwith a detailed description of the process of work, it is easy to make a fine cough. Such classrooms are available even for starters, the main thing is the desire to create.

First of all, we need to choose the best options. Colour cough in macramics♪ This would require a metal ring and a decorative cord at about 30 m long. The ring needs a little, like keys. It will act as a hinge. The first one goes to the top. To this end, the ring should be tied to 12 identical threads and divided into four parts. Each part needs to be sprayed as a chain of square nodes of suitable length.

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