Crust Stitching

The cross is beautiful and easy for any woman


History of the cross

History of stitching the cross takes its roots in a long past, when stitching wasn't so much a hobby as required by domestic necessity. According to the scholars of historians, the crust was born in China in the 5th century before our age, confirming many discoveries. Russie's stitch has been on since the time of unremunerated. The reference to this manuscript is in many Russian fairy tales, werenas and summer writings, and before our days old books. Where are the bridesmaids not on Rusie stealing their dowry? And nowadays, stitching is a popular hobby among women. In every country of the world, the history of evicting goes far beyond books and stories, so it can be concluded that embezzlement is one of the oldest and most popular hands of all peoples in all times.

Crust drip

There are more than 100 crust technicians that can be easily exploited by this handicraft. To begin to inhale, it would be necessary to understand the main types of cross-sections, they were not many, so there would be no problem with determining the necessary method. There are slightly more than 10 basic stitching machines: the cross of a simple, elongated cross, a Slavic cross, a cross, a cross of stars, a rice bar, a half cross, a long cross, a straight cross, a double cross (Bulgarian), a rib of leviathan and an Italian.

It's easy to develop and apply the drying equipment, so everyone can try themselves as a skilled latch. When buying recently popular boxing kits, they contain the necessary instructions for the application of the necessary drying equipment. Such kits are very convenient for both newcomers and experienced snails, which is why they are incredibly popular. There's a small area with a small number of flowers and a large penny with many flowers and shades in these kits.

Tools and devices for stitching

The tools and devices for stitching the cross can be found in any manuscript and hobby store. The list of what is needed for stitching is as follows:

Crust canva

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