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Today, 14 August, we celebrate the honey rescue.

Today, 14 August, we celebrate Med Square. The Med Squad in the People is called Orthodox Day on the first day of the Post, established in the 9th century in honour of the Reverend of the Lord. At Russi, the holiday has been celebrated since the end of the 15th century.
The most famous name is the Med Square, it's a custom to cut or smash, it's the time. They said that if the bees don't open the salts and don't make the honey, they'll get his neighbor's bees. Beekeepers were strictly obligated to bring fresh honey to church this day. In addition, the peasants were carrying seeds and vegetables to the church, which were dedicated as the first fruit of summer work.
A little tape with hundreds or a charming little multy bear can be a nice gift from a beekeeper!

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