Elevated Toys With Their Hands From The Thread

New Year's Doings to Remove Houses from Tubers and Buckles

Открытка с елочкойTonight, we're going to create a new year's decoration for the interior of the apartment to be celebrated with clubs and buckles. Let's start with the simplest things that we can do with children, the disguise of shapes (shares, veins, paperworks), the walls of clubs and lipsticks, the creation of simple tree toys and small, cute gifts. We'll also see a few more complex examples of a new year's handwriting involving hooks and matches.Новогодние снежинки крючком I'm not going to pay special attention to them, because the network can find a lot of skills and diagrams on this subject, but it's worth mentioning them, otherwise my review today is about to the new house A year and Christmas would not be complete.
Let's do it. These simplest new year's tiles require little time and the result is beautiful and qualitative. Turn with the kids. It's gonna take a foaming job, a vein, a cone or a ball, a glue and, of course, a beautiful buckle. The principle of making one of us is making knots to secure the end of the string, wet the form of glue and wet. If we're doing a tree toy, we're pre-empting to build on a clogged wire.

Using this technology, not only foaming, but old damaged balloons can be wrapped. Another idea is, instead of using a decorative ribbon or a lace, the toy will be even better.

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