Internet Stitching Kits

Sending the basser

The Mir Zhitchki shop sells a variety of biser-smart kits that you can build real masterpieces with your own hands. This kind of manuscript is today incredibly popular among the masters. By gaining everything you need in a ready set of biserpents, you make your work much easier.

Complexes of well-known producers are made up exclusively by professionals and include clear instructions. That is why the paintings ejected by the biser are indeed fertile, even if the author does not have much experience in this field. Our internet store is offering to buy one or more sets to sew the basser in order to reward the work of art or close people!

Red range Biser ejections

We have an excellent set of bissed bisses of various complexity produced by well-known European and Russian producers. Customers expect interesting plots and bright drawings, for example:

  • animals;
  • Colours;
  • Spaces;
  • Nathurmorts;
  • construction.

On-line, you can choose the goods by using convenient filters and sorting biceps on topics, prices, names and other criteria. So you'll read the descriptions and only look at the photos you're interested in. In addition to the pictures that can be placed on the wall in a ready form or presented as a gift, the range includes functional interrier elements: clock, cushion, etc.

Each drying kit shall include:

  • Packages with a high-quality Czech biser;
  • Black or white;
  • Canva;
  • Specially collected needle;
  • Additional elements of the decor.

The painting, embedded in a bright Czech basser, will look beautifully at the wall in the living room, in the kitchen or in the office, drawing the attention of the guests of your house.

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