Order A Basser Stitching Kit

Bicer paintings from heart to heart

Cartina Bisser's kits are very warm. That's because the creator and founder of the company is a man with a lot of practical experience. When the production of such goods is done by a man who lives in creativity, it is not surprising that the result exceeds all expectations!

The author ' s canva, which has a unique picture, a Japanese or Czech biser, an instruction written intuitively understandable language, all of which you will find in the boxes presented above. Orthodox icons, gentle flowers, zodiac signs, nathurmorts are a great choice, and a unique story for each buyer is inspiring to work!

The touchy, sweet, gentle pictures are all worthy of being inspired and stealing creative houses. How much work and effort is invested in their creation? How many tiny stitches have to be made by a handmaker to be happy with the job?

For more than two centuries, displaying a basser picture is considered to be a fashion and complex hobby. Everyone knows that to work with so little detail, there's a lot of patience, seducity and creativity! The homes of the richest people are stolen by such unique and exciting pictures. What's the secret of being so popular with superb pictures?

  • Biser drying equipment is significantly younger than the classical writing of the painting;
  • The inspired biser picture is shiny, always bright, overwhelmed, attracted attention;
  • To breathe means to create, build, make a painting with your own hands, and it's possible without special training;
  • Today, we're running a fashion show. To pull and figure it out means to be in the trend!

Moreover, the positive influence of manoeuvres and, in particular, the embroidery in general, has already been proved. In the process of work, the nervous system is significantly reduced, the cardiovascular system is being set up, and the force is restored. Monotonic, at first glance, is capable of significantly improving health (of course, we need to monitor the stun and the right lighting).

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