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Purchase of bottle of gradient photo-instruction

декупаж бутылокSale - is the art of fine surfaces of objects by means of cut pieces of paper, tissue, skin and other materials. The cuts may be placed on the carcases, cheeks, candles, dishes, bottles and surfaces of many other objects. Prior to adhesion, the appropriate decoding surface and the composite shall be processed. Technicians redemption so light in performance that popularity quickly prevailed in many countries around the world. Many deeds can blemish even a small child who has already learned to cut the pieces from the paper and put them on the background surface (collage, appendix). So you need to get your baby as an assistant when you start making the deal. with your hands. in this technique.

декупаж бутылокMany like to decorate the dishes and the various receptacles of plastics or glass, and the emptying of bottles makes it possible to create very sophisticated and original deals that can be used, for example, as a vase for flowers. And if you make the flowers from the paper and put them in a decorated bottle, that combination could be truly unique.
You must have kept some bottles of unusual shape and an interesting fact that throw away a pity while at the same time standing and dusting somewhere in the closet without cause. We'll tell you how to make a bottle of money, turning "unnecessful debris" into a fine deal.
First, we will introduce you to the general rules and features that should be guided by the work of decoupling technology.декупаж бутылок When using the method of decorating the bottles, it is also possible to decouple plates.
1. Prepare the surface of the decoration bottle before work begins. To this end, clean the bottle with a sponge in the alcohol or acetone to remove the residues of cells from the labels, dust, and dry.
2. After this, the whole bottle surface is filled with white or yellow acrylic paint. A few layers. First we put acrylic paint on the surface of a soft, wide brush, then we paint a bottle of acrylic paint with a piece of porno.
3.декупаж бутылок Now we'll put the bottle down, put the paint on the surface completely dry. And at this time, we'll prepare elements for decoration. In specialized shops offering handicrafts, special depurchase napkins may be purchased. We're taking a napkin with the same drawings and we're cutting the right pictures for the depurchase. Typically, three-layer napkins. We'll need the top, red layer to work. We're working with this layer very carefully because it's very fragile and delicate. Separate pictures on the dry surface of the decorated bottle.

декупаж бутылок декупаж бутылок декупаж бутылок декупаж бутылок

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