Furniture Of Paintings

Furniture of furniture from the walls

If you've been fed up with kitchen furniture, but you're not ready for something radical, you can revive kitchen lockers, with the decoration equipment. Furniture - furniture decoration with napkins, pictures, photos. Any paper paintings can be used in the depurchase technique.

We're gonna need: The remnants of the old rims, the glue for the decoration (or a slightly divorced PVA glue), the scissors, the soft wrist, and, of course, the furniture we're going to decorate. In our case, furniture lockers.

1. Everyone's probably got leftovers in the house. I have left unused cuttings of such rims after repair. That's what we're gonna use in the depurchase technique.
2. Cut the right pictures. If the walls are fat, we'll be able to put the top layer with the image. In my case, I cut cats and footprints.
3. To stick the pictures, I used a special one. Sale glue♪ You can buy it in any store that sells creativity material.

4. We're putting pictures on where we want to stick. The glue is over the image. The paper has to get caged and stick to the furniture.

Cat and his "weather" dreams.

And this cat and his dirty marks:
5. After we put all the pictures on the ground, we need to protect them. My lockers have a matt, covering the lacques would be awkward. That's why I use the same glue to decouple, and I'm covering it up like a paw. It's made up on the surface of the picture by a thin, almost shiny film that doesn't fear water and protect the pictures well.
6. We love the result!

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