Photographs For The Depaying Of Photos

Creat shop

Painting pictures on topics: A huge selection of topics.

What's the point?

1. You leave your comment under the photo, the right quantity of goods +1, +2 etc.
2. Oh, my God! Write in the Dervage School's leash that you ordered because sometimes we can't see the comments. You don't have to say anything, just write in which album the marks were put.
2. For one to three days, we're making your order, sending a personal account, taking into account the intersection (who lives in another town) and the pay card data.
3. For three days, you pay the order.

1. If you're not comfortable paying for Sbercarta, you can list the money:
- Postal translation
- Blitz, Contact, etc.
2. Who doesn't pay for or answer the messages, your order is cancelled and will never be collected again!

Let us respect the work of the people who collect your order!

== sync, corrected by elderman ==

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