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декупаж купитьOn the Web-based " First Hand " You'll find everything you need to buy, from cooking and napkins to slice and sponge!

The experienced handicraftsmen will be able to buy everything they need to do in one place.

For starters in this difficult, but a very interesting case, our Internet store can offer creativity kits.

How to buy merchandise for depurchasing on the Internet-based first-hand paper shop

Where do you buy the creativity stuff? Of course, on our website.

Декупаж Нижний НовгородIn the near future, you will be contacted by the manager, and as soon as possible, we will deliver the order to the post office, the self-export point or directly to your house. Among the ways you pay, you'll find the right one. We also draw your attention to the fact that in order of 4,000 roubles, delivery is free!

Goods for sale on the Internet workshop " First Handicraft "

Our catalogue has a wide variety of products:

  • Structural paste;
  • contour for depurchase;
  • Maternal and glazing lacs for intermediate and final coating;
  • Craquelures (lakes, pastes, media);
  • Acrylic soil for better adhesion of paint with product surface;
  • Potal;
  • Decoration images (spots, maps, rice paper);
  • Trafarers;
  • depurchase;
  • Sale glue;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Quiet.

and a lot of things.

Build boxes, hours, photo frames, furniture, bottles, dishwashers, choices for you, because everything you need can be purchased on the First Handmade Internet. We have many popular producers: Cheap Art, Ars Hobby, Tair, Stamperia, Barocci Trafarets.

Only the quality materials will yield an amazing result! A suitable navigation and filter system will help to find what is needed without difficulty. Choose, order, do and experiment! We'll welcome your orders!

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