Two Matches Socks

We'll put socks on two matches without a stitch!

носки на двух спицахFrom time to time, we all get pictures of a master socks. In the vast majority of cases, the two matches are approximately at the rubber level, the mouse and the fifth are connected. An experienced ligament, looking at these pictures with a stark face: everyone knows that 5 matches are necessary to tie the right socks and that socks begin with the carnage, and only at the mouse is the end of work. I'm a little googled.

And even a white liquor socks from a mouse!

I was also uncomfortable putting socks on four matches. 2 were at work, and 3 were free to slip out. I'm not exactly comfortable with the knitting. I had my socks tied out of the residue, and the second sock was either short of the buckle, or left a little bit of a sock, and I could have had a pair of socks longer to tie!

It's up to your mind to try and stick around like pictures? There's a part of the truth in every joke! That's how I was born a few years ago to tie socks on two matches without a stitch.носки The way I've looked at a lot of people and now I suggest you try.

First, all strings intended for knitting the sockWe'll share the same color, we'll retread each color into two approximate tubers.

1. We tie the main thread and the extra length of the oc.30c. As a dope, the threads better take something slippery.

2. We'll put the main thread on the index finger and the extra on the big one.

вязание носков3. We're hiring loops. The singer must be half the necessary. For example, we need 48 hinges to tie socks. If we cut our socks smaller, the hinge will be smaller.

4. We've got the right number of hinges.

5. The first row is all the lyrics, the last loop of the loop.

6. 2 rows - all the knowledge, the last loop.

7. We do the same in every lycenic and intelligent row, the last loop left unprotected. In other words, we have incomplete ranks.вязаные носки On a gradual basis, you shall have unprotected hinges on each side of 1/4-1/3 on the match. That's how the loops look at the end of this phase. I've got five of them, a total bell on a match - 20.

8. The next step is to tie one remaining loop in each subsequent row. In other words, as left alone, we are now picking up. There's only one but. If you just pick up the loops, the diagonals are gonna get the rags. Therefore, there is a need to raise the nakid between the loop and substantive work (see photo)

9. We'll take the loop on the left match and we'll wear it on the left match, the loop on the front side of the job.

носки на спицах

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