Eatings With Their Hands

Eagle toys with their hands

From year to year, we get the same tree from the storehouse or from the anteroids. She's sick! Of course you can go and buy another one, but it's too simple and not a cost-effective method. Try to turn on the fantasy and the laughing-- it's gonna work, don't doubt it!

The main options are two: one less, one more cotton. You can transform an old tree or make a new one with your hands. Now, more detailed.

The tree looks like improvised lipsticks - girlands or toys.

Elevated toys can be updated by placing them in the packaging paper

Bushes and armours will become great tree jewels

New Year's Village - Escape and Core Shield

The tree can be turned and painted with photos for the original bullet.

New Year upgrade

Find the power to give up the old toys, not everyone. Walk all over the house and look for new tree jewels. They could be all kinds of things. In the living room. Look at the shell shelves, there must be small statues, bells and other souvenirs. Figure out how to put them on the tree: if there's a hole, put a thread in it or a large clerical lining, if there's a clearing from the two sides of the subject, tie the talia with a rope or a tablet. Looking for soft toys, cars or dolls to put them on the tree very simple. Lots of pets are stored in the hall: keys, braces, shoelaces, etc. They are all potential tree jewels. In the kitchen. Also full of germs: openers, ptopors, coffee cups, spoons, etc. There's probably a box in the bedroom. Get the beans, the eyebrows, the corns, the clips, the rings and put it on the tree. Original design is guaranteed!

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