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Изображение с названием Dress Nice Everyday (for Girls) Step 1

Method 1 of 3: Update the wardrobe.

  1. Buy classic dresses that never get out of fashion if you want to dress pretty. Classics are clothing that doesn't look eccentric and outdated. Such clothes are always elegant and simple. The classics include, for example, dark blue blazer or black shirt with a V cut. It may seem that these are very simple things, but they can always be worn with accessories.
    • Classic things are easily combined, so they can always look different.
  2. Buy some bright clothes to combine them with classics. It could be the clothes of bright flowers or unusual fasons you usually don't wear.
    • For example, you can wear a white blouse with a dark blue skirt and unload that kind of sweater.
  3. Buy some clothes you can combine with each other.Изображение с названием Dress Nice Everyday (for Girls) Step 2 Looking at your wardrobe, pay attention to the fact that every single thing can be combined with at least two others. Combination is an important part of the daily wardrobe.
    • You probably won't be able to buy clothes for every day of the week. But you can buy the clothes you'll combine with what you already have. So you can create a brand-new dress every day.
  4. When you choose your clothes, you'll be guided by the characteristics of your figure. Some cuts look differently on different figures. Look for clothes that look at you best. We each have our own idea of what we're going through, but spend a little more time and try the clothes of different phasers.Изображение с названием Dress Nice Everyday (for Girls) Step 3 For example:
    • If your type of figure is PearsWhich means that you have broad thighs and narrow shoulders, try open neck blouses or dresses that will highlight your talium.
  5. Get rid of old or broken clothes. Clothing's coming out, especially if you wear the same thing all the time. The clothes that have been worn can't look stylish unless you specifically choose to wear dresses for some sort of thing involving wearing cherished clothes and lame jeans.
  6. Purchase the clothes, pick the color tone of your skin. Of course, you shouldn't buy the clothes that you don't like. Steel dressing means you feel confident and comfortable. If the color fits your skin's tone, but you don't like it, don't buy it. These are several basic principles:
    • Very bright skin: cold tones, pale pink, shades of gray, blue, dark blue and grass.
    • Middle-light skin: dangerous, cold red and blue tone. Avoid orange.
    • Mean-mouth skin: metal shades, plums, vinno red, bright blue and saturated purple.
    • Blunt skin: saturated colours such as dark green, blue, pale yellow and warm red.
    • Dark skin: bright colours, such as beard, blue cobalt, bright orange and red.
  7. Get your clothes on the hangers and buy a good duck. If you want to look beautiful and stylish, your clothes must be careful and disgraceful. Declaration
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