Putting Clothes With Your Hands

Removing clothes with his hands

Как зашить дырку на джинсахHow to make a hole in the jeans.

How to close a hole in the jeans and do another repair to your jeans, you'll find out in detail in this article.

How to stitch your pants right.

Frequently, even new trousers have to be wrapped in domestic settings. If you have to do this repair, you'll find advice in this article as to how to sew the abdominal ribbon and correctly adjust the abdomen.

How to plant the jeans

How to cut too long jeans and to carry out a slice of a sub-flex, consisting of a few layers of rough jean tissue on the doorway car.

Methods for removing stains from clothing

The first rule when the stain is removed is that the stain is outside, the pollution is inside. If you start wrongly removing the stain, it can easily become pollution, which will require additional work.

Like to replace lightning in the jacket.

Как правильно подшить брюкиThe repair of the leather jacket is generally the replacement of lightning. About how to sew natural skin on a household clothing car, what tools, strings, needles.

How to sew a button.

Putting a new button is one of the simplest repairs that can be done on its own. But there are secrets in this simple case.

The stools with their hands.

If you need to renovate chairs and refresh their lipsticks, the chairs are cheap and simple.

Domestic paint

The colouring of simple cotton clothes is a good way to give your harbor new paints without special costs. It's easier to paint cotton tissues with cotton tissues in their home environments, because they're good at paint.

Like replacing secret lightning

Как подшить джинсыThe secret lightning in the skirt is not repairable, it's not gonna work, it needs to change lightning. About how to put secret lightning on a dress or skirt.

Natural skin technology

If you're going to have to repair clothing from natural skin, you'll find a lot of useful advice in this article.

Mechom technology

You've decided to repair the coat or duplicate by your hands, and then you need to study the fur coating technology. To find out what kind of sunshine is, what tools and applications are needed to work with the fur.

How to sew artificial furs, skin

The art fur, despite the seemingly complex, is very easy to sew even the beginning port. We just need to take into account some of his features.

Consignment and adhesive materials

Clay tissue doesn't just need to be attached. As part of the small repair of clothes with their hands, glue materials are often required. For example, by means of a pautin, you can glue the abdomen or skirt.

The most popular manual stitches

You don't always have a sewing machine under your hand, and you need to do a little clothing repair. In this case, it is only important to know how to make the main types of manual stitches.

How to learn how to sew
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