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Freaky deals with their hands: 64 great ideas!

Почему красят Пасхальные яйцаPashi's reunion is all Christians waiting for this day with special training. Easter's most brightest and pure holiday is celebrated by Catholics and Orthodoxes on one day. The stores will traditionally have different kinds of pastoral souvenirs, but why don't you try to make them? I mean, with your hands. There's not much to do with stores.

There are a lot of great pastoral ideas, many of which can be done by the whole family by adding even small children to the manoeuvre. The production of a handful to Easter can be accompanied by stories about the history of this holiday.

История праздника ПасхаHistory of the Easter Day

Pashu can be regarded as the culmination of a blasphemous year. Every year, Easter celebrates a new date, because it's calculated on the moon-star calendar.

However, Pasha cannot be observed earlier on 7 April and later on 8 May.

The symbol of the holiday is very important. Traditionally, it becomes symbols that in one way or another means the renewal of life-- it's the Easter streams, the Light is the Easter Light and the Life itself.

Деревянная заготовка яйца

Fabulous eggs are the most common holiday symbol that marks the victory of life over death. Traditionally, they must have a red colour, but today the eggs are being removed to all legs. But the red color is important. Because according to betrayal. When Maria Magdalena came to the power of Tiberia to inform him of the wonderful resurrection of Christ and brought him an egg present, he said, " It's impossible as it is impossible that the egg will paint. " And the egg became red in Tiberia's hands! From that red colour means life's victory over death, renewal.

For more than a century there has been a tradition of sending beautiful pastoral cards to close and family. They portray not only the symbols of the holiday, but also the beauty of spring flower. And pretty chickens, rabbits, flowers, pastoral dolls.

The Easter Eggs with their hands

There's a lot of options for the Easter egg decor. They depend on what kind of materials to use: paper, wiping, just strings or basser. But first, we need to make it ready.

Заготовка яйца из пенопласта Пластиковая заготовка яйца Пасхальный яйца из бисера Украшение Пасхальных яиц

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