Simple Biser Collar

Simple bells for starters

Простое колье из бисераToday, I'm happy to put out a way of flying a simple collar for starters from the bush and the biser. For such a bell, a light brown bead with a diameter of 5 mm and a dark brown basser will be needed. The plates can be on the forest or on the wire.

When you choose bouises and bisses, pay attention to the fact that there are no debris in the bag and that the basser is not obliterated. It's better not to take a basser - his quality is low and the product will quickly lose sight.

Initially, it is necessary to move from the light brown bead as shown in figure 1.

After that, put a new slice of the wood into the extreme bush and put a dark brown basser free enough for both ends.

Now turn one thread on the diagonal around the chain of light brown beads by clockwise and put it through the next medium bushion.

The second thread with the basser will turn against the clockwise around the chain and put it in the same bushion but on the other side.

Get the basser all over the chain. Make a plug like a head photograph or a carabine.

It's very simple, but it looks quite effective. You can complicate the bell by making some of these chains and connecting them.

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