Little Biser Flowers

Biser field

mak_iz_biseraThe basser baket resembles the summer and the sun. This master of the bisera poppy class will detail all the nuances, and your flower will look like real. Mac bouquet is good... Read it further

We're going to have a flower tonight. The beaser is made of three flower. Every flower has five petals and five larvae. We're going to need a beaver floating, Biser... Read it further


The gentle and romantic sky reminds me of the spring and the warm May sun. How to make an sky from the biser tell a master class with a pony photo. For fascinating biserply, make this field flower model not... Read it further

nezabudkiThis touching flower can be a nice gift, a reminder of the summer or just the original part of the decor. To make a beaver rider would help a master-class with a pony photo. We'll... Read it further

A slight and touching rum from a biser, completed with your hands.It will be a long time to remind you or your friends of summer and hot days. Such a bouquet looks great in a little vase. My master class... Read it further

vasilki_iz_bisera romashki

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