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Ways to buy a set for nova sloboda

In our Internet store, we can buy original boxes to stitch the famous Ukrainian brand Nova Sloboda. The manufacturer is popular not only in his homeland, but also in Russia, as well as in the European Union. Hands appreciate a variety of stories. Discharge kits Nova Sloboda. The catalogue presents the different landscapes, naturmorts and icons, which are performed in mixed technology, where the baptism is combined with the biceping. As a result, admirable work can become an unforgettable gift or jewelry of your house.

Product Nova Sloboda conforms to high Western standards, and its value remains affordable for each buyer. The kit includes:

  • filaments;
  • The canva with the background drawing;
  • needles;
  • Schematics and detailed instructions on seating;
  • Athletic tissue and a brand-new basser (Biser models).
  • Contact our free number officer and leave your order.
  • Just fill the form on the website.

The Internet-based Mer Zhitchki shops are open in many regions. The residents of the SPB, Belgorod, Samara, Yaroslava and other regional centres can take the Nova Sloboda kits on their own at the point of issue or use the targeted courier delivery.

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