Sarafan Blatant For Children

For children

Children are ours! Naturally, we wish them all the best. Here, this is where the best knuckle models for children are presented. We advise you to touch on this fascinating exercise. ♪ Linking for children - and interesting and useful entertainment.

Competition No. 3 - Visual dress for the girl (Power Hope)

Hello! My name is Pope Hope. I've decided to participate in this competition, and I've been spying a long time, I really love knitting, I don't know what I'm doing without him, I'm most likely for kids.

2 Reading completely.

You'll need a bucket of Jeans Summer (70 per cent cotton, 30 per cent viscosis, 350 m/100 g), 250g white, matches No. 3, 5.

Accommodation: Tie lines 1 and 2 according to instruction. The schematics show only the faces, the ranks, all the roosters in the drawing, the skills out.

Reading completely.

It's a hot time, and all moms know very well that without a punk and a hat better not go outside. You can buy a nice punk in a store, but if you can tie a hook, then you'd better tie a punk of 100% cotton buckle. And most importantly, in the case of bonding, your fantasy can be reconciled with the interests of the child, in this collection of pancakes and hats you'll make sure.

You can connect not even one piece of paper, because it's different, and the outfit. And you can tie to one hat to the various decorations, and then your one hat turns into a few. So let's pick the most beautiful pancabulary and start knitting...

A very soft white punk with plums will look good with beautiful dresses.

Your baby's sloppy frogs should love your eyeball, and the necklace is perfect for summer caps.

The Nyusha Module for Multifique Multifique, has found its embezzlement in this dreadful hat.

A very nice bowl with square motives in a white yellow gamma would be close to any summer together.

Along with beautiful, arrogant, air, of course, sarafans for little princess. You can tie it fast, you can even let the remains of the thread, so the sarafan will be bright and truly summer.

Competition No. 53 - Cardigan for Girl Flower knitting with matches (Irina)

Cardigan is bound in two buckets of YarnArt BEGONIA 100% cotton 50g/169m 150 g and CONEC 25 per cent cotton, 20 per cent Leen, 55 per cent viscosis of 150 grams of matches No. 3 (cloth and round).

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