With His Hands On The New Year

New Year's Deal and Stealing 2016 with his hands

Цветное соленое тестоThe idea of making a new year's jewel 2016 with your hands. It's not new, the only materials we produce the garlands and gifts ourselves - the hard paper goes to the construction of the chains and the intellect collected during the summer on the walk, the base and the trees are painted in gold and silver, the same fate awaits the walnuts - they will hang on the tree. New candy wrappers are being prepared with airbag tails, so the carpet is like a spaved tail. Mishoura uses everything-- the house is transformed into a colorful place where everything crickets and blemishes-- a new year comes with a silent and magnificent mood for a miracle.

As we prepare for New Year, in the kitchen, my mom doesn't walk away from the oven and pull one pie out of the oven behind the other, dad's all working at the painter's foot, putting her on her leg, and distracting gifts and jewels. And we've done a new year's business in 2016 with our hands, this wonderful entertainment thing that our whole family has been doing. It's delicious, not to mention it's just beautiful and exciting.

Кот из тестаTest recept and deed tools

For the test, you'll need the most ordinary flour - exactly two glasses, one glass of small salt and 120-130 ml of cold water. Little nuance is cold. Spread a glass of beds and deliver the liquids. In the flour, you're gradually pouring water with cage and smashing it, you can do it with your hands, but for the testo to be good and plastic, take the mixer, Mom always adds one spoon to the hand cream if there's no cream, you can add a table spoon of oil.

If the testo doesn't work too hard and fragile, it can't be resolute. Now the testo needs to be carefully blurted, the Consistence must be very uniform.Камин из теста Everyone gets their work board, which is where the deal goes. It's not recommended to move the dryer, it'll have fingerprints on it.

We can make a colored testo. It's more interesting to work with him, so when you're laughing, you're going to have to paint food, you can fantasize as much as you want, 'cause you can't stick to any of the standards.

Букет из теста Сова из теста

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