Lessons And Ties Of The Irish Mug

Compilation of Irish hook lessons

Ирландское вязание крючком - видео подборка очень полезных уроковThe eyes of the Irish circus are undoubtedly the luxury. The presence of them on clothing makes it more pronounced and irrepetitive. Initial styles and ecstasy were borrowed from other European countries. But gradually, a circle with its own ears made by Irish masters' hands has gained great popularity.

Here's the video promised.

The oysters are at the flower with the stitches.
Element of the Irish flower blossom with stitches. Continuing video lessons from Tatiana Litke's master.

A knuckle wrap. (already knitting lesson).
It's convenient to use the Irish knitting achrone. The length of the initial air chain depends on the length of the plug. 5-minute video shelling light on the secrets of chewing in Irish style.

How to tie a wrap.

Another piece of secrets from Tatiana Litke. If you want the scroll backwards. To do that, when you're stuck at the end of the schnur-gusenic by pulling the hinges, you're gonna need to pull the hinges for a stretch, not the top of the schnur, but the bottom of the schnur-gusenic.

Flowervideo link lesson)
Element of the Irish circus is an arrogant, obsessed flower with a hook.

How to tie a flower.
10 minutes lesson on the flower blade process. If you're tired of learning and want to rest, I'll give you some interesting information about Irish dances and the beauty of the environment. It's a beautiful art.

Stupid tri-tri-leader stick.
Sticking the back of a trilister.

How to tie a bow to a flower with a hook.
Element of the Irish Circle is a bouton of flower tied to a hook based on a knuckle-based gusenic.

An aerial leaflet with elders.

How to tie a grid.
Irish, hypür and nucleus - assembly, connection of elements with an irregular grid. My job.

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