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Pixel schedule

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Pyoxy Label (Angl) pixel - reduction from pix element) - The digital image form created on a computer by a vegetation editor, where the image is edited at the piccell level (socket) and the permit of the image is so small that the individual pickles are clearly visible. Old (or part-time) computers, Game Boy games, games for old players and many games for mobile phones are mainly using a picel schedule, as this is the only way to make a clear little picture with the small resolution of screens that characterize these devices.

It has been misleading that any drawing or sketches made using tent editors is a peak schedule. This is incorrect, the " pixel " image is different from the " non-picsel " technology - manual editing of the picsel behind the picsel. Therefore, the picsel is different from other types of computer art, small sizes limited to colour pallets and (usually) no smoothing.

The pixel schedule only uses simple graphic editorial tools, such as carandash, straight or olive. Therefore, there are picsel charts made in other non-functional editors.

In any case, the use of non-contained picks (e.g. " Quista " ) and automatic filters (such as smoothing) is considered unacceptable in the " real " picsel graphs - such instruments add new picsel automatically, violating accrual manual accommodation. The " good tone rule " is considered to use a minimum number of colours; ideally, standard 16 colours, available on the vast majority of video subsystems, even the earliest, are codified with R, G, B, and the fourth battle is coded brightness.

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