Boards and dryings

The Crustic program creates a pattern of ejections from any pictures and pictures.

I advise! The Crustic (the programme site: the cross-section programme.rf) creates full-fledged schematics from any images and collects mulina from five producers (DMC, Gamma, Kyrov PNC, Anchor, Madeira).

It is developed in Russian, very user-friendly and has many useful functions.

For example, the program can automatically remove all single crosses on the scheme! It also allows for the construction of partial latch schemes (highly in portraits and icons).

Crustic can create schematics in sepia's shades! The programme has extensive possibilities for manual editing of schemes: the addition and removal of flowers, the drawing and tidal of plots on the other colours of the mulin, etc.

The authors continually refine the programme, add new mulins and new opportunities, and the user computer software is always automatically updated.

Given that the programme itself has been developed in Russian, has instruction and training videos in Russian as well as very simple and convenient use, I suggest that we try:

Biserok program to set up stitching schemes. Biser of photographs

The programme for each scheme will select and indicate the catalogue numbers of the most common Czech biser Preciosa. It's only gonna stay with a legend (carta keys) to come to the store and just buy the specified weight of the numbers of the biser! It's very convenient to set up a scheme and we can start breathing right now!

"Biserok" is an opportunity to create schemes not only for complete but also for partial latching (nine convenient for cheek and portraits). There is scope for detailed manual refining of the schemes.

Just like Crustic, "Biserok" is a Russian program, has almost 24-hour maintenance and a full range of Russian teaching materials.

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