Child Dress Wraps

Children's dresses are tied

Детские платья вязанные крючком схемаAnastasia Crechetova of Novosibirsk (Russia)
Very simple and beautiful children's dresses are tied in circles.

Dimension: 1-1.5 years
Materials: cotton thread, 100 g//400-200 g white and 50 g green, hook No. 2, 3 buttons, 3 buddies.
Boundary density: 24 pages c/n * 14 p. = 10*10 cm.

Cocket: pick up 91 hinges, turn.
1st row: tie 1st article c/n into 4th hinge, 13 poles c/n, (2 in/p, 21 s/n) - 3 times, 11 s/n, turn.
So we split the right side of the back, sleeves, front, sleeves and left side of the back.
2nd row: tie 1 column c/n in each column and (2 pages c/n, 2 b/p., 2 s/n) above each arch.
Repeat the 2nd row eight times (10 rows are all tied).

Belt: go to green thread, tie 3 in/p., *1 in each column to the first arc, 2 s/n in the arch, 7 in/p., pass the poles to the next arc, 2 s/n in the arch, repeat from *, tie 1 s/n into each loin.
Connect the circle.
St. 1 s/n in each loop is 4 rows.

Yubka: Turn to white thread.
Set 1-8 rows.
9-12 rows: repeat 7-8 rows.
Stage 13-14 rows.
15-22 rows: repeat 13 and 14 rows
Switch to the green thread, tie 13-31 rows of the charts.

Link: Loans and throat to tie a green-coloured walk.
Tie three flower as it says here.
Sew pearls.
Put flowers on the dress like a photo, sew buttons.

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